The Shadow Broker Doctrine

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The Shadow Broker Doctrine

Post  Matthew Viliana on Sun Jun 03, 2012 7:13 pm

For this topic, the Shadow Broker is defined as a corporation leader being a part of a corporation who is able to do stock/bond trading among the community of corporations and alliances.

The Goal
The goal is to build a tight knit community that rely on trusts and integrity. Everyone knows that EVE is all about making money, so this idea is about making money based on trust and integrity. Everyone can trade based on trust, for an example, a corporation leader said that he wanted to replace a Myrmidon so he can do missioning to repay what he owed. So he can start a bond portfolio with 10% interest on what he'll owe, so people could buy that bonds if it is collateralized or not, collateral determine how much trust that community would invest into and how much profit that community can make from it. The corporation leader could buy a new Myrmidon and do some missioning to earn some money and repay what he owe or being kicked out of the alliance and lose his potentials to make more isk in a long term.

The Rule of the Game
Obviously, the alliance or community leader will have to become the third party to hold the assets and collateral. The leader will be responsible for managing the website or some method of recording the data and sharing it across the community similar to a stock exchange. As most collateral goes, if you fail a bond aka what you owe, you get booted from alliance and lose collateral if you DO NOT reconstruct your debts with the community leader.

As for the stock exchange, it has a different rule unlike the bonds. The price of stock and volume of it is determined on how much assets are being HELD BY THE THIRD PARTY aka the community leader. This is a method for corporation to buy/sell the stocks which are being held by the stock holders. The stock holders can decline to sell a stock as corporation can raise the valuation by inserting more assets to the third party holding. The share holders can sell/buy stocks as the valuation fluctuate over the time in each corporation and corporation can also lose their valuation by WITHDRAWING their assets or not paying the fees to the alliance, but they cannot withdraw their COLLATERAL as it must be determined by the voting process by the share holders.

The share holders CAN vote (as well as corporation) on how much dividends are needed to be given out on determined term and they can also determine how much collateral they mandate from the corporation. All of this can be done on the stock exchange website rather than corporation voting scheme for faster (Or longer) voting time.

Obviously, trust is the key in here, so each leader cannot join this community by simply asking the community leader on day 1 when this begins. As this is the mesh networking, it is mostly required that each "community" host their own stock exchange which collaborate with their community and our as "guests" share holders and the collateral will have to be held by an individual whom is decided to hold between the two community leaders. The collateral will have to be determined BY the two community leaders before cross community interaction can begins. This is to minimize the damage caused by exploitation or extortion when someone fails a bond or cheat the stock market.

The Stock Exchange Website
The stock exchange website will be much similar to the real one and BSACSE stock exchange, it allows people to make stock and bond portfolios and buy/sell from the corporation and trade the people around them for the said bond/stock.

I could develop for said website and host them for this interesting community, so I'm wondering is anyone like to see the merits of this idea.

How you can help?
I know I might make some mistakes on this thread and I would love to have you point it out and we can talk it out from there. Thank you.

Matthew Viliana

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RE:The Shadow Broker Doctrine

Post  Admin on Sun Jun 03, 2012 7:22 pm

I like this.
Not the specifics exactly, but that you're thinking about how to make a republic of individuals work.

These kind of instructions are crucial.

I'm hoping that if we continue to form strong associations, and work together on all manner of legitimate ISK earning strategies we can create something what won't soon be forgotten.

I'm not sure about the specifics but I'd like to find a way for us all to hold... not a 'dummy corp', but perhaps a Common Wealth corp in the months to come. Maybe ran by alts, or a time exchange between main toons. Not sure how it would work.

But whatever we build it needs to be a business first and foremost.

Not just because people need to buy ships and supplies. But also, and we almost had this in Jericho, industrialist need PVP support. I think we need to be able to generate the isk to have a standing security force, or have well paid mercs close by.

Lets just keep these conversations going.


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