Operation: Vicious Gypsy

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Operation: Vicious Gypsy

Post  Admin on Sun May 27, 2012 11:20 pm

This post outlines a plan to generate income for the corp. at all times.
This plan is a bit sophisticated, but hopefully not convoluted. Feel free to comment.

In light of hulkaggedon and such I have a plan to keep our corp paid, and battle-frosty!

First, we need a skilled FC.
Someone capable of running several squats/wings.
Probably more than one.

Second, we need a handfull of mission squad leaders capable of pulling L4's.

Third, we need a pvp security fleet commander for a handful of patrollers.

Fourth, a mining foreman.

Fifth, we need a hand full of salvager/haulers.

Sixth, we need boosters for all the above groups.

Seventh, a treasurer capable of keeping track of mission blocks/shares, picking out mods to go in the corp hanger without undercutting profit, seeing that ore/junk is smelted as efficiently as possible, selling it all for top dollar, and dispersing the funds appropriately.

The general idea is to be able to play Eve in such a way as to be able to do other things, but be aware of whats going on in the game; to the point of being able to participate for moderate amounts of time to the end of making consistent money.

Example of a typical Operation: Vicious Gypsy night:

Two, three-max mission squads coordinate L4's in such a way as to keep the good missions going for ten to twenty minutes at a time in the same system.
Quick missions out of system should be hit as hard and a quickly as possible. Use of tagging, target calling, and strategy are called at all times.

Splinter groups return to the current 'Mission Live' system where larger missions, and salvaging is taking place. Smaller missions will not be salvaged.

On a second front, the pvp security force keeps an eye on the Local Channel/Gates to provide protection for the missioneers, and the miners.

On a third front, miners go for the most valuable ore first. You have the most frustrating role because you may have to play in a way alien to you. I don't know. But the idea is that the missioners will try to keep the missions going in the same system as long as possible. So everyone in OVG stays in the same systme. If the word that the mission glob is moving one or two systems over, then its time to shut the strip miners down, and jump with everyone. The haulers empty the cans, dump the ore, and follow.

At the end of the night is the end of the 'Mission Block'.
A Mission Block begins as soon as the OVG advert goes up and people begin joining.

For profits sake, a mission block is divided up into 'share's'.
A single share is fifteen minutes of continuous participation in OVG.

You know what I mean.
You can tell when someone is participating. It will be up to the squad leaders to judge this.

And for the player to honestly say , 'Hey guys, I need to step away for a while.'

Stay logged on in station. Its 'Color' for the local channel. Color earns one share per two hours(I know that arbitrary, but its off the top of my head).

All of this brought together by a set of creedo's I hear thrown around casually:

PVE Fly safe,
PVP Fly Deadly,
Everyone: Stay frosty


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