The SBNG Network

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The SBNG Network

Post  Admin on Fri May 25, 2012 1:05 pm

The 'Soul's Bar & Grill' Network is a loose based lounge club for pilots of reputation.

The lush virtual environment, which can be keyed up at any HoloFacility, broadcasts from a mobile ship that provides tranquility to any exchange; be it business, or social.

Paragons and renegades alike are welcome within the holographic bar and grill.
However, within The Network the utmost respect, and dignity is commissioned.

"Any exchange, be it business, or social, that does not take all parties equally into concideration is defraudment. Defraudment of money, or mutually agreed upon expectations. Neither monetary, nor personal abuse will be tolerated within this hollowed code." -Soulsteady


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